A day in the life: boutique fitness professional, Ashton Turner.

Ashton Turner wearing 49Winters

Welcome to the first part of our influencer ‘Day in the Life’ series. 49Winters is the ideal coat for busy entrepreneurs, which is why we invited a select few to join us for a shoot last month. We followed them around in the London sun to capture their own 49Winters experience and learn more about a typical ‘Day in the Life’. For our first episode, we speak to Evolve 353 co-owner Ashton Turner. Who shares his thoughts on 49Winters and reveals what it’s like to walk in his shoes for a day.

What is it about 49Winters as a brand that caught your eye?

I love the cross over between high tech, quality and fashion. It means the jackets suit a lot of occasions. Having met the team when I got my first jacket, I also loved how passionate and helpful they were and you could see their personalities in the brand. Coming from a brand that is all about going the extra mile for its clients, this definitely struck a chord with me.

How would you describe the quality of the coat?

The quality is fantastic. Everything about it feels premium from the design to the materials and it’s the little things like the quality of the zips that just make you appreciate the attention that has been paid to it.

How have you found the three-part-system zip transition?

Having the ability to have a few different options with the coats is great. Not only can you go from warm winter jacket, to lighter coat you can do it quickly and easily. I also love that this means you can change colour pairings to suit your mood.

Ashton Turner wearing 49Winters three part system

What is your favourite season and why?

It’s a real toss up between spring and winter. Spring is amazing when everything starts to come in bloom again, but I am not sure you can beat wrapping up warm on a crisp, sunny winters day.

What are your favourite 49Winters colour palettes?

I don’t wear a lot of bright colours so for me the greens and camel colours I love. They also go with a lot so I can pair them with a lot of different outfits.

How do you wear your 49Winters coat?

As the weather has been warming up I tend to wear it without the inner which is great but I know I can zip it back in on the colder evenings. For me I generally wear it paired with jeans and Converse but I love the fact that I can wear it on my way to work even though I am dressed more casually.

Anything else you would like to add?

I really can’t recommend the coats enough, I have loved seeing what they produce. My first 49Winters Parka got me through a very snowy winter and I am so pleased I have added this jacket to my collection.

A Day in the Life for Ashton

5.40am: Starting the day bright and early

They say the early bird gets the worm, and this certainly applies to Ashton Turner - co-owner of Evolve 353, a boutique fitness studio in Parsons Green. Running a company from day to day is no mean feat, so Ashton makes sure to wake bright and early to allow him the time he needs to get all of his daily tasks completed, a method shared by some of the world’s most successful business leaders. “An average day would see me get up around 5.40am to be in the gym by 6/6.10am,” says the personal trainer. “As well as doing everything needed to run this with my business partner, I also coach our clients.”

 Ashton Turner wearing 49Winters

6.30am: Coaching begins

One tip for productivity first thing in the morning: leave little time for procrastination. You’ll never find this business owner wasting his morning scrolling through his Instagram feed; instead, Ashton dives straight into his work, ensuring he’s raring to go before his first clients of the day arrive. “Coaching starts at 6:30am and depending on mine and my business partner’s diary, I could be coaching till around 2pm with the odd break between.”

Ashton Turner wearing 49Winters

2pm: Time out of the ‘office’

While you’d be hard pressed to find any other personal trainer so dedicated to his clients, Ashton must also schedule in time each day to maintain the running of his business. As well as coaching, he takes the lead on the brand and content side of Evolve 353, so any ‘free’ time in the afternoon will be spent either producing blogs, working on the website, or on marketing and advertising (or a combination of all three). “I love coffee,” he says. “So a lot of the time I will do this in one of our local coffee shops.”

Focusing on this side of a business can be quite isolating, however like that stubborn last 5lbs or an epic hill climb, Ashton combats this by keeping connecting with others in the industry, “Luckily I am [also] part of a fantastic fitness business group who all meet up every few months to work together to make the industry a better place. London is also obviously a great place to meet like minded people as there is so much going on.”

Ashton Turner wearing 49Winters

5.30pm: No rest for the wicked

On the days which Ashton is coaching again in the evening, he’ll head back to the gym for two and a half hours from 5.30pm. He’s almost 12 hours into his day by this time, but there’s no chance for the standard nine to five-ers’ 3pm energy dip. Fortunately, it’s the very nature of his job which keeps him motivated. He says: The job requires me to work unsociable hours. Early mornings, late nights and weekends. But after 10 years, I have never lost my drive. I have always been into sport and fitness, but the biggest reason I came in to the industry was because I love how every day I can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

“There is genuinely no better feeling that hearing a client tell you how much you have helped them. Most people presume this is just from a weight/fitness perspective but it’s actually the other side of it that means more to me. Helping people with confidence, mental health, energy. Seeing people grow in front of you and knowing they trusted you enough to let you help them is amazing.”

He also utilises this energy to put more hours into innovation if he has no client appointments in the evening. A keen photographer and videographer, Ashton is always looking for new ways he can incorporate these skills into building the Evolve 353 brand - or capturing his awesome handstand abilities across the city. “You may also see from my Instagram there aren’t many places you won’t see me popping into a handstand!”

Ashton Turner handstand wearing 49Winters

8pm: Finally - some down time with friends or working on personal projects

Fully believing in the power of the work-life balance, when Ashton leaves the gym (at the latest around 8pm each day), he takes some distance from his place of work to head out to East London - or further afield at the weekends - to catch up and eat dinner with friends.

“I love East London. I love the whole cafe culture, street food vibe and fashion of East, so you will often see me around there on the weekends… One of my favourite spots is a fantastic pub on the river in Hammersmith called the Old Ship. It is an amazing place in the summer to watch the sun go down and have a drink.”

And when he finally gets some time off Ashton likes to escape London. “I am also a country boy so I always enjoy escaping London and getting some fresh air.”

Like Ashton’s style?

Ashton Turner wearing AW19 49Winters

For his London shoot Ashton was wearing:

The Utility in Forest

The Down in Camo and Black

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