The Evolution of the 49Winters Three Layer System

There’s your standard winter coat, and then there’s a 49Winters coat. 

Beyond the luxury detail, exquisite fabrics and stylish designs, what sets 49Winters products apart from all other winter coats on the market is our unique three layer system.

Model wearing 49Winters coat 3 ways

Developing an interchangeable zip design, you can mix and match any inner down, outer shell and fur trim to suit your needs and style. Ultimately, this means you have an all weather coat that can be worn throughout the year and adapted for any occasion. It’s one of those truly creative ideas that makes you think, how has no one thought of this before?

The concept

The founders of 49Winters have been at the cutting edge of winter fashion for many years. In fact, they had gained 48 winter seasons’ worth of experience between them when they came up with the idea for the three layer system, leading to their first collection, and the launch of the new brand, suitably named 49Winters.

Over the years, we watched other luxury outerwear labels competing with one another, with marketing campaigns claiming to offer the ultimate “expedition” coat to wear in sub-zero temperatures. Facing the effects of global warming and constantly changing weather conditions, we wanted to deliver an ultimate product that paid less attention to the badge and more attention to its purpose. A more intelligent coat - a beautifully made, stylish product that would have more longevity and adaptability for our customers. We wanted a coat that would fit our everyday lives, not just extremes; a coat that could cope with the unpredictability of all seasons.

The development

Our first challenge was to find a way to assemble and dismantle two individual pieces of outerwear. A simple zip-in/zip-out lining wouldn’t be suitable as the two products needed to provide the option to be worn entirely separately, brought together, or combined with other alternatives. This is where the engineering expertise of our team was invaluable, using the latest technology to find innovative solutions.

We knew that we needed a variety of styles and materials to enable our customers to create their own look that would meet their particular needs. We also wanted to ensure sustainability, traceability and quality in every element of every product, which meant spending time to find the perfect partners and suppliers to help us bring our vision to life.

The result is a coat that is truly individual to the owner, personalised by them to be enjoyed in every season.

The product

When you buy a 49Winters coat, the design is in your hands. You can choose each of your three elements from a broad range of styles and designs and put together a coat tailored to your needs.

  • The first layer is an outer coat that offers protection from wind and rain and can be worn individually all year round, be it a winter blizzard or summer monsoon.
  • The second layer is a pure duck down jacket, that can be worn individually through the transitional months either side of winter, or zipped into an outer coat to provide maximum warmth.
  • Finally, you can add a fur trim for additional warmth and style, which attaches easily to either garment.

Our ongoing mission now is to continue to introduce more quality materials of expert craftsmanship and technical performance, whilst maintaining a smart and classic design on our outer coats, adding seasonal trends to the down inner layers and trims.

You can shop the latest styles in all three layers and begin creating your own personalised coat now.

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