Our unique zip system

All 49Winters outer jackets are designed with a two-way zip. This allows you to adjust the comfort level of your jacket by being able to close and open your coat in two opposite directions at the same time.  Whether you’re sitting in your car or riding a bike you can use the top puller to zip your coat up closed and use the bottom puller if you want more comfort whilst seated.

49Winters outer and down jackets are designed with a unique modular zip. This allows you to effortlessly connect and disconnect your down jacket from your outer, and zip on and off a hood trim. The three-part garment system enables you to customise your coat, making it “the only coat you will ever need”, along with being able to adapt your coat to all weather conditions.

Our trims

Your coat contains various hardware and trims which allow you to tailor your coat for the perfect fit.  There are various connection points on your coats to connect the three elements together. 

Coat to Down

Inside Zip – Back Neck Tab – Cuff Snaps

Hood Trim to Outer or Inner

Zip – Snaps

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